I ain’t no lawyer, but isn’t witness tampering against the law?

Perhaps you’ve read by now about the star witness in this case, Danny Martinez, who identified Snow nearly a decade after the crime, only shortly before trial in a private meeting at the State’s Attorney’s office – AFTER failing to ID him numerous times, and in fact, identifying others over the years.

As we weave our way through archived police reports, it’s interesting how the smallest statement can speak volumes.

In Martinez’ 1999 police interview, before Snow’s arrest, Bloomington Police Detective Rick Barkes asked Martinez if he had any questions. Martinez DID have a very important question – why did they give the victim’s mother his phone number?

It’s a valid question, don’t ya think? He felt kind of uncomfortable when she called him. His instincts were correct.

Transcript excerpt:

Martinez: And another thing I wanted to say is that I don’t know who called Mrs. Little to have her call me I mean that was I mean, I mean I know that her son was involved and uh I know Easter’s comin around the corner and she’s goin through a hard time right now I mean coulda returned your phone call towards me and you know mentioned something to me…

Det. Barkes: And I, and I, and I did and I tried doin that and I’ll have to take responsibility for that and I’ll explain to you a little bit later about what transpired there, but I did remember somethin I wanna talk to you about. I wanna show you 3 drawings and what I would like you to do is look at these 3 drawings and tell me if you had to pick 1 of these 3 drawings as being the person you saw now granted 2 of ’em have some kind of a hat on and 1 of ’em doesn’t, but if you had to pick which l would you say, this is the person I saw?

Martinez: The middle 1.

Detective Barkes: Alright and this is the 1st uh that was uh taken actually it’s got those aren’t your initials prolly but it does say D-M and I talked to the person who did the composite and uh he said that stood for Danny Martinez.

This was never explained, and has never been brought up in court proceedings. This issue, among many others, are before current State’s Attorney, Jason Chambers, yet he refuses to test the DNA in this case. Wonder why?

Listen for yourself and make up your own mind:

Or read the full interview transcript. Lot’s of ridiculous stuff in there as well.

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