Veritas. Valet. Vitae. – Truth is Worth One’s Life

A couple of year’s ago, Jamie read Paul Ciolino’s book, In the Company of Giants. Before the book even got started, Jamie was stopped in his tracks by this phrase:

(The Truth is Worth One’s Life)

I don’t blame him. After all, Jamie was convicted based on false witness identification and jailhouse informants and THAT’S the extent of the evidence against him. None of the physical evidence tested at the time matched him, not a fingerprint, not a shoe print, not a swab of blood. It was the sheer volume of informants that testified against him, saying he “confessed.”

There were people he had been in prison with at one time or another, that Jamie had spent minimal time with. It was (sadly) a running joke in McLean County Jail, “Who’s the next one that’s going to say ‘Jamie told me he did it?'”

The problem is, none of their stories matched. Guess the state didn’t see that as such a problem, because they indeed got their conviction.

One said Jamie said he was at a party down the street, walked up to the gas station and the attendant wouldn’t give him cigarettes. So he went back down to the party, and came back and shot him and took his cigarettes because the kid had a smart mouth. The problem with that story is the owner of the house said there was no party, and his son (who would have thrown the party) was in McLean County jail at the time. Another nifty fact – no cigarettes were missing. Oops. This informant landed up doing about 5 years for a 6th Criminal Felony DUI. He got the 6th when he was out on bond, waiting to testify. This entire “confession” happened when Jamie was on a court writ, and temporarily in another prison for about a week. He hadn’t seen this informant since they were around 1o yrs old. The informant just happened to be a sanitation worker, and passed by his cell – that’s when the “confession” happened. When asked by the Assistant State’s Attorney, Teena Griffin, to identify Jamie in court, he couldn’t point him out. We also recently found out that he failed a polygraph prior to the trial, and that he wrote letters as early as 1994 to the State’s Attorney – letters that were never disclosed to the defense.

Another said there were three of them and they pulled up for gas. But Jamie Snow decided “He didn’t have to pay for gas.” So he went in and shot the guy. He named the other two, both of whom landed up on the state’s witness list. Nice. Suspects ending up testifying against the defendant? How novel.

One of the above named witnesses testified that he passed Jamie the next day in a car, and Jamie said, “Did you read about me in the paper? Gun goes off, kid dies.”  That informant has given an affidavit saying that he lied due to police pressure. In truth, Jamie knew this informant had committed a string of burglaries and said, “I read about you in the paper.” And the guy got pissed off and drove off. The other named was never called to testify. Wonder why?

One said that he was coming in from out of town, and he called Jamie to pick him up at the bus station. From prior police reports, we know he was paid $600 for giving information to the police. Jamie “confessed” to him, but on the stand, he testified that he thought Jamie was joking. I think he was trying to play both sides of the law. In any case, Jamie didn’t have a phone or car at the time. So it would be difficult for the whole scenario to have occurred. He has also since given an affidavit.

And yet another said that Jamie confessed to him in County Jail. He has since given an affidavit saying he and Jamie got into a fight over a game of Dominoes in the yard, and he got moved to another pod. He knew he couldn’t get back at him physically, so he sent a flyer to the police, saying he had information about the case.

And we have one who spent time with Jamie in Florida. His testimony doesn’t match his police reports at all. For that matter, none of them do. But this one is sad. He was a registered sex offender. He had been interviewed by at least two independent investigators and he broke down in tears. Apparently, they threatened him very harshly. He was so afraid he wouldn’t sign an affidavit.

There’s so much more, but you get the point. We have uncovered so much new evidence, that two of the above have failed polygraphs, the “star witness” Danny Martinez told police as early as 1994 that Jamie was not the person he saw, that the state had written letters to informants in prison – never disclosed to the defense. It goes on and on.

We want the DNA evidence tested by an independent lab, and have thus far been denied. We want national attention to this case. We want to expose the state’s attorney (now judge) who already has TWO wrongful convictions under his belt. We want to know what happened to reward money which just disappeared. We want people to come forward and tell the TRUTH. That’s all we want – the truth.

Veritas. Valet. Vitae. – Truth is Worth One’s Life.

That’s the theme of the 4th Annual Postcards in the Park. It is so very true. Jamie’s release absolutely depends on people telling the truth. Why is that so hard? We hope you will join us. You don’t have to be present to participate. We are sending postcards this year to Keith Morrison from Dateline. Details are on the Facebook Event page.


And if you want some Jamie Snow schwag, we have it all set up here! Cool VERITAS VALET VITAE t-shirts and wristbands, all under this years theme.

We need your help to support this event, so please buy if you’re able. If not, please share. But mostly, please join the FB Event Page and send postcards to Mr. Morrison.

In solidarity – tam


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