Case Timeline

MAR 1991 William Little, 18, is killed during the robbery of a Bloomington gas station
SEP 1994 Jamie Snow passes a lie detector test when questioned about the Little homicide
SEP 1999 Jamie Snow is arrested in Ohio and Susan Claycomb in Tennessee in connection with Little’s death
AUG 2000 A McLean County jury acquits Claycomb of murder
JAN 2001 Snow is convicted of Little’s murder
MAY 2001 Snow is sentenced to life in prison on May 10
AUG 2004 Convictions for felony murder and “knowing murder” were vacated, but underlying murder conviction was upheld on August 24
NOV 2004 Supreme Court denies Snow’s petition for leave of appeal on November 24
AUG 2004 Incarcerated former police officer Jeff Pelo writes a letter to Snow, offering his help with Snow’s defense
JAN 2008 Snow files an amended petition for post-conviction relief in McLean County Circuit Court. Pelo’s letter is filed the same day
APR 2008 The Exoneration Project agrees to assist with Snow’s case
JAN 2010 The Exoneration Project files amended post-conviction petition on behalf of Jamie Snow
FEB 2010 Snow files for a change of venue for retrial request
APR 2010 Judge Lawrence removes himself from hearings involving Snow case
JUN 2010 A Schuyler County judge is appointed to hear Snow request for new trial
SEP 2010 Postconviction hearing set for November 5th
NOV 2010 Postconviction hearing held
NOV 2010 Supplement to state’s motion to dismiss petition due to new issue brought by the state in oral arguments – Submitted November 15th
MAR 2011 Submitted motion for ballistics testing – Filed March 9th
MAR 2011 Submitted motion to further supplement the record with newly discovered evidence – Filed March 9th
APR 2011 The post conviction petition denied on April 19th.
AUG 2011 Appellate Brief filed with the 4th District Appellate Court
NOV 2011 State’s Response to Appellate Brief is filed
NOV 2011 Exoneration Project Response to State’s Response of Appellate Brief is filed
DEC 2011 Oral Arguments have been granted in the 4th District Appellate Court on December 7, 2011
MAR 2012 Fourth District denied Motion to Reconsider
APR 2012 Petition for Leave to Appeal filed in Illinois Supreme Court
APR 2012 Petition for Leave to Appeal denied
MAY 2013 First successive post conviction petition filed in Circuit Court on May 24
MAY 2013 Motion for DNA and Fingerprint testing filed in Circuit Court on May 24
MAY 2013 Writ of Habeas Corpus filed in Northern District on May 28
APR 2014 Motion to Supplement the Record with Newly-Discovered Evidence Supporting Petitioner’s Existing Claims April 1