Nov 1, 2015: True Freedom in Motion

Dear Rex,

As always, I hope this letter finds you and the rest of the family well. I’m doing my best to stay busy and remain focused on the positive.  It’s been such a long time since I was stuck in my cell without a job assignment, so it’s taking some time to get used to it. But I’ll make it, I’m sure of that.

I have to say, I wasn’t sure about the fringed handlebar covers until you described what they meant to you – “True freedom in motion.!! YES!! I don’t think it’s a bit corny at all. I’ll remember this conversation the first time I see them flying in the wind.

I’m gonna have to say yes to the back rest for Tammy. Even though yesterday she said she wasn’t sure if she’ll want to ride with me. She’s not sure she’d “Trust Me.” I guess I’ll have to pass “Her Test” before she’ll get on the bike J! There are a few things I don’t think, no matter how long I’m in here, I won’t forget how to do. Driving a car or riding a bike is a couple of them. I’m gonna guess the gear pattern is one up, four down, or is it reversed?

Do bikes also have to pass a state emissions test? I know that was a pain the ass in Florida. I always bought my trucks old enough that they’d be exempt from the emissions testing. I was wondering what’s the helmet laws there in NC and TN? Rhonda sent a letter with a picture of you guys on your bike and you both had on helmets. So is that by choice or is it the law? I’ve never really cared for them too much myself. But I’ve also never banged my head off the pavement at 65 mph.

You truly must have a great amount of patience to be able to break these bikes down and build them back up. My dad was a mechanic all his life with his own shop. I tried working for him a half a dozen times over the years, but I just didn’t have the patience for all the wrench turning.

Your description of trying to find and fix the coolant leak you had going is exactly what would of drove me CRAZY!! Although, after my experience the last 15+ years, I might have the patience now to do that sort of work.

I do like both the colors you have picked, so that’s good with me. I noticed there isn’t a fender on the back. Will you put on or leave it off? I guess it really wouldn’t matter unless you were riding on a wet road.

I’m not sure if you told me before or not, but what exactly is a quality systems auditor? I know Rhonda said you have to travel a lot, but what do you do?

Well Rex, I guess I’ll end this here, and get it on its way. Thanks for the pictures and the updates. I feel like I can actually see it all coming together.

Again, I hope all is well out there with you guys. Be safe and take care. Write when you can!



PS: I was wondering if you get a lot of snow in the Carolina’s or can you ride year round?

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