Jamie Snow Clemency Update:

T’s are being crossed, and i’s are being dotted as we speak, and the petition will be submitted either late tonight, or tomorrow. J asked me the other day if he thinks we will wear people out asking them for letters. He asked, “What if we need more next year?” I said, “Then we will do them again. We support you, we’ll do what we need to do.” Because Jamie Snow supporters are the BEST! But we wanted to let you know we received an additional whopping 132 letters of support for Jamie’s clemency for the last call! You guys are AMAZING! Every. Single. Letter. Counts. We also wanted to share with you the video that is also being submitted. For those of you who are knee deep in the details, of Jamie’s case, just remember, the petition includes all of the case details – this is primarily for Jamie to make his plea in person, and he does an incredible job. So take a listen, and hopefully between the petition, letters and video we will be able to move the PRB in Jamie’s favor. Thanks again for taking the time to write a letter. We appreciate you more than you know! Free Jamie Snow!

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