Does Innocence Matter? Join us on March 14th!

Does innocence Matter? March 14, McLean County Law and Justice Center, 12pm.

Have you been a victim of prosecutorial or police misconduct in McLean County? Please join us on March 14th, 2014 at the McLean County Justice & Law Center to spread awareness about wrongful convictions in McLean County! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! You ARE NOT ALONE!

Featured speakers include Illinois exoneree James Kluppelberg, wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years, and Alan Mills, Legal Director, Uptown People’s Law Center. Spread the word! And feel free to tell your story below.

The “Does Innocence Matter” inagural event was held May 16, 2013 in Las Vegas in support of Kirstin Lobato’s innocence. Featured speakers included exonorees: Jeffrey Deskovic and Jason Puracal; Former FBI Agent Steve Moore, and Journalist Stephen Jackson. We want to thank supporters of Ms. Lobato. Please join her cause at:

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