Supporters appeal to Aphrodite Jones to investigate the Jamie Snow case

Thanks to everyone who attended this year’s Postcards in the Park. I know everyone wasn’t able to film, but this is a representation of supporters for Jamie Snow’s innocence.

We hope Aphrodite Jones will pay attention, and decide to take a deeper look into this case. In any case, we cannot possibly thank all of you enough for your continued support.

Jamie Snow supporters are the best. We do NOT give up! <3

New Evidence Explained

This video outlines much of the new evidence discovered SINCE the trial in the Jamie Snow case. It’s important to understand, the jury was NEVER presented with this evidence.

Please let me know if you have questions!

Thanks for watching.


Plea to Erin Moriarty from Jamie Snow Supporters

Postcards in the Park Vine – 2013

Nicole Snow talks about her dad’s wrongful conviction

Free Jamie Snow Rap from LA

Rapper in LA made this song and put this on his car for 3 days while he drove around LA.

Happy Birthday Jamie from Helen :)

Advocate for Kirstin Lobato sending a birthday message to Jamie. Visit us at and learn more about the Lobato case here: 🙂

Happy Birthday Jamie Snow! FREEDOM!

Jamie’s birthday video, 2013. This is one of his favorite songs.

Free Jamie Snow support video, sexy belly dancer. :)

Sexy belly dancer wonders why Jamie Snow isn’t yet free?