Court denies B-N man’s appeal of murder conviction

SPRINGFIELD — The 4th District Appellate Court has denied a Bloomington man’s appeal of his 2001 murder conviction. Continue reading →

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Why Eyewitness Testimony Should Rarely Be Used To Convict Anyone

Jamie’s case is used as an example in this article on Continue reading →

Inmate appeals denial of new trial in 1991 central Illinois killing

BLOOMINGTON — Lawyers for a man convicted of murder in a 1991 central Illinois killing have appealed a judge’s decision denying him a new trial. The attorneys say a key piece of their argument will come from a former Bloomington police officer now in prison. Continue reading →

Snow’s lawyers want Pelo to testify in appeal

BLOOMINGTON — Serious doubts about the credibility of eyewitness testimony and jailhouse informants are among the reasons Jamie Snow deserves a new trial on the murder charges that sent him to prison for life, according to an appeal filed by defense lawyers. Continue reading →


Jamie Snow supporter files FOIA for mug shots and reward money information

(BLOOMINGTON, IL; September 7, 2011) –The Committee to Free Jamie Snow (CFJS) announced today that a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has been submitted to McLean County and the City of Bloomington for materials related to the investigation of the 1991 murder of gas station attendant William Little.

The requested exhibits include copies of photo books that were used during the investigation for witness identification purposes on three separate occasions, related police reports and documentation, as well as information relating to reward monies distributed in the these cases.

On at least two occasions in 1991, shortly after the crime, the star witness identified suspects from the photos, neither of whom were Snow. During the third photo book review in 1993, no suspects were identified by the star witness from the photo arrays presented.

During the physical line up in 1991, the star witness did not identify Snow, but did request that two suspects move forward (neither of whom were Snow). Snow was only identified by this same witness in a private meeting held at the state’s attorney’s office approximately 8 years later. Incredibly, the identification was performed using a photo of the original physical line up this witness attended shortly after the crime – the one in which he did not identify Snow. Unfortunately, this meeting was not recorded and there is no written record of this event. However, trial transcripts confirm the event took place.

Snow supporter, Tammy Alexander, said she has tried requesting this documentation before. On November 5, 2010 she visited the McLean County circuit clerk’s office and requested the exhibits in person. “The person at the counter wrote down my request and told me it would have to be approved by the state’s attorney. She took my contact information and informed me that he would call me. He never did.” Alexander said. “Jamie was convicted primarily on the testimony of a star witness that did not identify him on at least four occasions, to include a physical line up, within three years of the crime. I think we have a right to know who was identified in those sessions, and the outcome of those leads.”

In addition to the requested photos and follow up documentation, Alexander is requesting copies of all documentation related to the distribution of reward monies related to Jamie Snow’s, as well as his co-defendant’s case. At least $7,500 was offered in reward money for tips leading to the arrest of individuals of this crime. The recipients of which have never been disclosed.

Jamie Snow of Bloomington, Illinois was convicted in 2001 of the 1991 murder of a gas station attendant during an apparent robbery. He has always maintained his innocence. In 2008 the University of Chicago’s Exoneration Project accepted his case.

The submitted FOIA requests and responses can be viewed here:

Copies of the relevant police reports can be found here:

04/01/91: Photo array viewing the day after the crime, in which the witness did not pick Snow, but picked two others and stated, “It’s between these two.”

06/21/91: Physical line up in which Snow participated (#6), the star witness asked for ‘#3 and #4 to move forward, and said that ‘#3 looked like the person, but was not positive.’

10/22/91: Photo array viewing within months of the crime in which the witness picked two photos. Neither of whom were Snow.

11/03/93: Photo array viewing in which the witness did not identify any suspects.

Snow’s case is currently under appeal in the 4th District Appellate Court.

For more information on this case, please visit: If you have information concerning this case, please call our toll free, confidential tip line at: 1-888-815-9299 or email:

Jamie Snow’s attorney, Tara Thompson of the University of Chicago’s Exoneration Project, ( can be reached via email at:

For all press inquiries please contact:

Tammy Alexander
Committee to Free Jamie Snow (CFJS)
P.O. Box 944
Collierville, TN 38027

Friends Gather to Show Support

BLOOMINGTON — Supporters of a man convicted for murder gathered at Miller Park in Bloomington to help him in his claim of innocence. Continue reading →

Postcards in the Park: Shows Support For Convicted Murderer

BLOOMINGTON — Tammy Alexander isn’t related to Jamie Snow, she’s not a family friend, and she doesn’t even live in Illinois. Watch video →

Judge denies Snow’s petition for new trial in 1991 murder

BLOOMINGTON — A judge has turned down the petition of a Bloomington man seeking a new trial on murder charges in the 1991 shooting death of a gas station clerk. Continue reading →

Convicted killer’s attorney wants ballistics tests

BLOOMINGTON — Attorneys for convicted murderer Jamie Snow are asking that the state conduct ballistics tests on two bullets found at the scene of the 1991 robbery where a gas station clerk was killed. 
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