McLean County SA: Forensic testing won’t prove Snow’s innocence

BLOOMINGTON — Jamie Snow’s newest request for forensic testing on evidence in his 2001 murder conviction contains nothing that would prove his innocence, McLean County State’s Attorney Jason Chambers said Thursday. Continue reading →

Convicted murderer Snow hopes DNA testing will exonerate him

BLOOMINGTON — A Bloomington man convicted in the 1991 murder of a gas station attendant has renewed his request for DNA testing on evidence and fingerprints from the crime scene. Continue reading →

Court case of Jamie Snow rejected by Illinois Supreme Court

The Illinois Supreme Court has decided not to hear the case of Jamie Snow. He is a Bloomington man serving a life sentence for murdering a gas station attendant in 1991 during an armed robbery. 
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Supreme Court declines to hear Snow’s case

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Supreme Court will not consider the case of a Bloomington man who claims he is innocent of the 1993 murder of a Bloomington gas station attendant. Continue reading →

Vincent Hill discusses Jamie Snow’s case on his BlogTalkRadio show The Other Side of Justice

On Easter Sunday, 1991, 18 year old gas station attendant William Little was shot and killed during a robbery that yeilded $30.  8 years later Jamie Snow was convicted despite eye witness contradictions, no DNA, no murder weapon and a seasoned police officer testifying that Snow was not seen fleeing from the gas stations. Watch video →


Prosecutors urge Supreme Court not to hear Snow case

BLOOMINGTON — A Bloomington man serving life in prison for the 1991 murder of a gas station attendant should not have the chance to bring his case to the Illinois Supreme Court, prosecutors argued in a recent court filing. Continue reading →

New Billboard Aims to Prove Snow’s Innocence

BLOOMINGTON–A brand new billboard is encouraging people to help a convicted murderer prove he didn’t do the crime. The sign supports Jamie Snow, who is serving a life sentence in prison for the 1991 murder of gas station attendant Bill Little. Watch video →

Supporters of man convicted of murder push to reopen case

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Supporters of a man convicted of murder are asking McLean County authorities to reopen the case. In 2001, Jamie Snow, of Bloomington, was convicted of the 1991 murder of a gas station attendant during an armed robbery. Continue reading →

Convicted murderer appeals to Illinois Supreme Court

Lawyers for a man convicted of murder in a 1991 central Illinois killing want the Illinois Supreme Court to take his case. Continue reading →

Snow appeals to Illinois highest court

(SPRINGFIELD, IL; April 17, 2012) – The Committee to Free Jamie Snow (CFJS) announced today that a petition was filed last week with the Illinois Supreme Court requesting leave to appeal the Fourth District’s Appellate Court decision denying Snow a hearing to present new evidence in the 2000 murder conviction of a gas station attendant during an apparent armed robbery.

According to the appeal, the “lynchpin of the state’s case” was eyewitness Danny Martinez who testified that he had a “face to face moment with Jamie Snow that he would never forget.”

Since the conviction police reports from the first officer on the scene, Jeff Pelo, revealed the officer was watching the eyewitness at the time he allegedly “came face to face” with the suspect, discrediting Martinez’ accounting of events.

The day after the crime, Martinez identified two suspects from mugbooks, stating “it’s between these two.” Neither of whom were Snow. He also failed to identify Snow in a physical line up in which Snow participated on June 21, 1991, as well as at least two subsequent mugbook sessions within three years of the crime.

Martinez ultimately identified Snow approximately eight years later. Although during trial, he testified he recognized Snow from a photo in the Pantagraph newspaper after his arrest. However, he did not inform the state until 10 months later, in a private meeting at the state’s attorney’s office in which he identified Snow from a picture of the original line up he attended shortly after the crime.

The appeal also cites over a dozen state witnesses who have recanted or changed their testimony, including jailhouse informants who claimed Snow “confessed” to them.

Snow also alleges ineffective assistance of counsel. Snow’s trial counsel was convicted of theft in 2006, and was sanctioned and disbarred for personal problems that impacted client representation during the time he represented Snow. During counsel’s own sentencing hearings, he claimed depression, mental illness, gambling addiction, alcoholism, and stated that “he had been drinking due to the stress of a murder trial.” The Honorable Judge Knecht from the Fourth District Appellate Court addressed this issue during the appellate proceedings:

In addition to the denial to review the new evidence, the Fourth Appellate District Court denied motions for discovery as well as ballistics testing. There has never been any physical evidence linking Snow to this crime.

The court’s decision could take several months.

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