Erin Moriarty Responds to Postcards in the Park tweet :)

Thanks to Erin Moriarty for responding to our tweet! How cool is that?


This year for the 3rd Annual Postcards in the Park we will be sending postcards to Erin Moriarty of 48 Hours. We hope we can garner national attention to the wrongful conviction of Jamie Snow. You do not have to be present to participate!

The onsite event will be held on July 21, 11am at Miller Park in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Jamie’s Case Featured Tonight on The Other Side of Justice

Jamie Snow’s case will be featured tonight on The Other Side of Justice. We will talk about the recent filings and stunning new evidence. We encourage anyone that has questions or comments to call in! Now’s your chance. And you never know, we might have a surprise guest or two :).

Please join us and share – we appreciate it!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 – 5pm CST/6pm EST. Call in: (646) 200-3329

Listen and join in online here:

Overzealous Detectives and Ineffective Counsel to Blame for Wrongful Conviction of Jamie Snow

Jamie Snow has proclaimed his innocence from day one. He told police he was nowhere near the scene of the crime at the time of Littles murder. According to Snow, he was across town having dinner with his children. In the years following Snows conviction, new information has come to light that strongly suggests the wrong man was sent to prison for Littles murder, as a result of police misconduct and bad lawyering. Continue reading →

McLean County SA: Forensic testing won’t prove Snow’s innocence

BLOOMINGTON — Jamie Snow’s newest request for forensic testing on evidence in his 2001 murder conviction contains nothing that would prove his innocence, McLean County State’s Attorney Jason Chambers said Thursday. Continue reading →

Convicted murderer Snow hopes DNA testing will exonerate him

BLOOMINGTON — A Bloomington man convicted in the 1991 murder of a gas station attendant has renewed his request for DNA testing on evidence and fingerprints from the crime scene. Continue reading →

Court case of Jamie Snow rejected by Illinois Supreme Court

The Illinois Supreme Court has decided not to hear the case of Jamie Snow. He is a Bloomington man serving a life sentence for murdering a gas station attendant in 1991 during an armed robbery. 
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Supreme Court declines to hear Snow’s case

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois Supreme Court will not consider the case of a Bloomington man who claims he is innocent of the 1993 murder of a Bloomington gas station attendant. Continue reading →

Vincent Hill discusses Jamie Snow’s case on his BlogTalkRadio show The Other Side of Justice

On Easter Sunday, 1991, 18 year old gas station attendant William Little was shot and killed during a robbery that yeilded $30.  8 years later Jamie Snow was convicted despite eye witness contradictions, no DNA, no murder weapon and a seasoned police officer testifying that Snow was not seen fleeing from the gas stations. Watch video →


Prosecutors urge Supreme Court not to hear Snow case

BLOOMINGTON — A Bloomington man serving life in prison for the 1991 murder of a gas station attendant should not have the chance to bring his case to the Illinois Supreme Court, prosecutors argued in a recent court filing. Continue reading →