Jamie Snow – Back in Appellate Court May 12th. Please join us in Springfield!

JamieSnowUpdateWhat will be argued?

This time around, we are presenting “Brady” evidence. Which means evidence that was favorable to the defendant, but was withheld from him prior to trial. So what do we have?

Polygraph: This is actually a polygraph worksheet that was obtained through FOIA requests from supporters. The actual polygraph is Jamie Snow’s – 1994. In the notes on the worksheet, “Star witness” Danny Martinez says in reference to the suspect that Snow was not the person he saw.

This evidence was never turned over to Snow. In the state’s reply brief, they make a few very thin arguments.

1) They question whether the “28 year old white male suspect” was actually Jamie Snow. However, the state neglected to redact Snow’s name on the second page of the report. Guess they missed this part?

2) The state goes onto concede that “under the assumption Snow was the subject of the polygraph, ” the witness saying the defendant “is not the person he saw” seems like a “shorthand way of explaining that Martinez did not identify defendant in 1991 when defendant stood as part of an in-person lineup that Martinez viewed.” There is absolutely no evidence that Martinez was referring to the 1991 lineup in which he did not identify Snow, or any of the other photo array’s over the years in which he failed to ID Snow.

3) Finally, the state explains that Martinez was NOT a critical witness. “Therefore, the record rebuts defendant’s characterization of Martinez as a “critical” witness against him.” And bolsters Luna’s ID at “a lot stronger than Martinez.” Recall, Luna was the 14 year old boy who ‘closed his eyes and imagined each of them doing it, and Jamie Snow best fit.” One of the few the state didn’t ask to ID Snow in court, and also one that happened to give an affidavit recanting his ID. How convenient to be able to rewrite history, eh? If only the rest of us had those magical powers.

In addition to the above claims, 2 failed polygraphs from jailhouse informants, and an affidavit from one of these informants wives is being presented. As with the above, the state is claiming, had this evidence been presented at trial, it would not have changed the outcome.

Unlike previous arguments before the appellate court, we feel these arguments will be based on Brady material, or material that was not disclosed to the defense prior to trial. And also based on whether or not this new evidence would have changed the outcome of the trial.

We sincerely hope that you will join us at this hearing on May 12th at 11am in Springfield to support Jamie Snow and The Exoneration Project.

Below are the pleadings and responses that will be argued:

Jamie Snow PC denied in January. But wait, there’s more!

I’ve really been struggling with this, because it’s weird. Let me explain.

Jamie’s successive post conviction petition was denied in January, but we didn’t know about it. When Tara (EP attorney) had a conference call with the judge, she was very curt. She said she would rule by mail, and that she was really busy, and would rule when she could.

Fast forward to Postcards in the Park. We talk at length to a newspaper reporter, and she inquires with the clerk the following Monday about an update on the case. They inform the reporter there was a ruling in January – reporter then calls Tara and informs her of the status.

But hang on. The EP made a motion in April to supplement the PC. Lo and behold, we find out THAT was denied as well, also, without notification to attorneys or defendant.

Okay, ONE failing to notify might be a mistake, but TWO denials without notification??? Houston, we have a problem.

Thing is, the McLean County Clerk’s Office doesn’t have an online docket system, so you have to call for updates, which I DID. And they NEVER told me there was a ruling. Notice anything screwy about the last few entries in this docket?

Was the state notified of the denial? If so, they allowed us to stand out in front of the courthouse in March 2014, with Jason Chambers looking down at us from the window, KNOWING it was denied, and not informing us? Did they allow us to stand in front of the press at Postcards in the Park in August 2014, and still failed to inform us of the denial?

So…we had to appeal to the 4th District, and they allowed a late appeal.

It’s very interesting that the successive pc included critical newly discovered evidence in the form of an ISP police report in which Danny Martinez told police in 1994 that Jamie Snow was not the person he saw as well as polygraph results from two jailhouse informants that prove they failed, and the state put them on the stand anyway.

Where we stand:

Yeah. we’ll keep ya posted.


4th Annual Postcards in the Park

Postcards in the Park - Bloomington Illinios - Support of Jamie Snow's Innocence

Photo from the 3rd Annual Postcards in the Park

Please join us on Sunday, August 3rd from 11:00am – 2:00pm at Miller Park in Bloomington, Illinois for the 4th Annual Postcards in the Park to support Jamie Snow’s innocence, and gain awareness about this egregious injustice!

You do not have to be at the actual event to participate! We STILL need your help.

Please join the Facebook event site here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1494543540759633

This year we will send postcards to Keith Morrison of Dateline in an effort to have Jamie’s story told on a national level. We will have postcards for everyone to write messages at the park and will also release a balloon for each year he has been wrongfully convicted.

All supplies will be provided. Just bring yourself, your kids and friends! Please join us and tell you friends!

If you CANNOT ATTEND, please still SEND A POSTCARD to the address below asking Keith Morrison at Dateline to visit FreeJamieSnow.com and review the case for consideration of a Dateline investigative report.

NBC News: Dateline
ATTN: Keith Morrison
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112

OR: Social network the crap out of him 🙂 Let him KNOW we would like a REAL investigation on the Jamie Snow case!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/datelinekeith
Dateline: https://www.facebook.com/datelinenbc
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dateline_keith

Thanks everyone. We’re growing every year, and it will not happen without your support. Thanks for sticking with us, and please keep spreading the word!


Check out last year’s message from Jamie after the 3rd Annual Postcards in the Park:

Don’t forget to join the event site! https://www.facebook.com/events/1494543540759633

Does Innocence Matter? Join us on March 14th!

Does innocence Matter? March 14, McLean County Law and Justice Center, 12pm.

Have you been a victim of prosecutorial or police misconduct in McLean County? Please join us on March 14th, 2014 at the McLean County Justice & Law Center to spread awareness about wrongful convictions in McLean County! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! You ARE NOT ALONE!

Featured speakers include Illinois exoneree James Kluppelberg, wrongfully imprisoned for 25 years, and Alan Mills, Legal Director, Uptown People’s Law Center. Spread the word! And feel free to tell your story below.

The “Does Innocence Matter” inagural event was held May 16, 2013 in Las Vegas in support of Kirstin Lobato’s innocence. Featured speakers included exonorees: Jeffrey Deskovic and Jason Puracal; Former FBI Agent Steve Moore, and Journalist Stephen Jackson. We want to thank supporters of Ms. Lobato. Please join her cause at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/414695245218231/

Questions or Comments? DoesInnocenceMatter@gmail.com

Jamie Snow Case on Injustice Anywhere Radio 11/19 @8pm CST

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Erin Moriarty Responds to Postcards in the Park tweet :)

Thanks to Erin Moriarty for responding to our tweet! How cool is that?


This year for the 3rd Annual Postcards in the Park we will be sending postcards to Erin Moriarty of 48 Hours. We hope we can garner national attention to the wrongful conviction of Jamie Snow. You do not have to be present to participate!

The onsite event will be held on July 21, 11am at Miller Park in Bloomington, Illinois.

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Join us for the 3rd Annual Postcards in the Park


We are asking Jamie’s family, friends and supporters to gather at Miller Park in Bloomington, Illinois once again to show your support for Jamie’s innocence. This year we will send postcards to Erin Moriarty of 48 Hours in an effort to have Jamie’s story told on a national level. We will have postcards for everyone to write messages, We will also release a balloon for each year he has been wrongfully convicted. All supplies will be provided. Just bring yourself, your kids and friends!

Please family and friends join us! We NEED your support! Tell your friends!

– If you CANNOT attend, but can still SEND A POSTCARD from where you live!


“48 Hours”
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Join us for the 2nd Annual Freedom Ride for Justice Poker Run

1st Annual Freedom Ride for Justice Poker Run!
COME “GIVE A DAMN” WITH US on Saturday, July 27, 2013! Registration Noon at FIREHOUSE, Ride at 1:00, After Event 6 at KNUCKLEHEAD’S. The after event at Knuckleheads will have food, bands (bands TBA), 50/50 raffle, auction and a liquor pull!

The cost of the ride is $20 per driver, $10 per passenger.  The entry package includes: Poker Hand, T-Shirt, Coozie, Button & After Event Wristband which gets you food and access to the bands. (Bands TBA)   The after event at Knuckleheads will have food, bands, 50/50 raffle, auction and a liquor pull!  All day of the event participants will receive T-Shirts on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last.  Cars are allowed but are to stay behind the bikes.  We ride rain or shine!

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