Message in a Bottle

A message in a bottle was traditionally sent as a distress call, by those at sea who found themselves doomed. Jamie Snow understands the sentiment all too well.

Jamie has sent his own SOS pleas via message in a bottle a few times, most recently to Bob Ruff of the Truth and Justice Podcast. Bob found his message to be endearing, saying, “it definitely got my attention,” so he selected Jamie’s case for season 7 of his crowd sourced investigation podcast.

This time, Jamie needs YOUR help.

Jamie doesn’t want to send one bottle again. He wants to send many. From each of you. With your own SOS pleas, asking for TV producers to take a closer look into Jamie’s case. 

Please join us and send a heartfelt plea, in your own, personalized, message in a bottle, to James Jacoby at FRONTLINE, and Michael Karzis at 60 Minutes, during the first week of August.

Ideally, around the same time, each supporter will send one bottle to each James Jacoby and Michael Karzis, so they are all received as one massive surprise.

Please send your bottles during the first week of August, but no later than August 10th.

Please make your messages heartfelt and personal, and decorate your bottles in anyway you feel compelled.

Michael Karzis
60 Minutes
CBS News
524 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

James Jacoby
1 Guest Street
Boston, MA 02135

James Jacoby and Michael Karzis are the producers of the 2013 60 Minutes episode, Arizona’s Pioneer Hotel fire re-examined, covering the 1970 wrongful conviction of teenager Louis Taylor. Taylor helped evacuate people from the fire but was later accused of the arson, and convicted of 28 counts of murder. Taylor spent 42 years in prison and was released in 2013. The episode investigated how this could happen, and exposed the faulty fire science and corruption that lead to putting an innocent man in prison for a crime that he did not commit.

James and Michael are experienced, award winning producers with a history of credible journalism, and we need their help. We hope they will receive a plethora of our bottles and be compelled to investigate Jamie’s case. James and Michael no longer work at the same network, but we hope they will remember the work they did together, and that at least one of them will hear our pleas.


  • Each packaged bottle costs $10.90 to ship at the post office or $8.76 if you have a account (from zip 61704 in Bloomington, IL to 10019 & 02135)
  • You may use any bottle! Get creative and make it fun.
  • Tie a string to your rolled letter so it can be easily pulled out
  • Decorate! Stuff your bottle with confetti, beads, feathers, etc., to make it interesting. Use clear glue to embellish the outside. Paint your bottle.
  • Make sure your letter is original and heartfelt. Click here for a sample template written by Jamie.
  • Ask you kids, friends, or family to join too.
  • Clear bottles and art supplies are affordable at the Dollar Store
  • If you cannot afford to ship, we can help. Please contact Lesley via Facebook or email, at
  • Discounted shipping labels are also available via email / PayPal transfer for the $8.76 rate

Video Tutorial with Lesley & Jamie


July 15, 2020 Bonus Episode: Message in a Bottle – A CALL TO ACTION TO HELP JAMIE SNOW!

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