Bonus Episode: Message in a Bottle – A CALL TO ACTION TO HELP JAMIE SNOW!

A message in a bottle was traditionally sent as a distress call, by those at sea who found themselves doomed. Jamie Snow understands the sentiment all too well. Jamie has sent his own SOS pleas via message in a bottle a few times…This time, Jamie needs YOUR help. Jamie doesn’t want to send one bottle again. He wants to send MANY. From each of YOU. With your own SOS pleas, asking for TV producers to take a closer look into Jamie’s case.

Join this event to support Jamie Snow and collaborate on his newest media movement.

Join the Facebook Event Page

Please post your video or pics of your bottles on the Facebook Event page!

Watch Lesley’s instructional video

Send at least 1 bottle each to:

Michael Karzis
60 Minutes – CBS News
524 West 57th St. 
New York, NY 10019
James Jacoby
One Guest St.
Boston, MA 02135

Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff | S7E8: Message In A Bottle

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